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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Just who was injured on the Mavi Marmara???

They weren't peace activists...they were Islamists....
1. Information accumulated since the violent confrontation on board the Mavi Marmara has made it possible to identify most of the people injured in the confrontation and analyze their organizational affiliation. The names of the 53 injured people (23 of them severely injured) appeared on lists published by the IHH (see Appendix A). Their organizational affiliation was examined based on a document seized in the latest flotilla, specifying the organizations to which the Turkish passengers belonged (see Appendix B).

2. Judging by the names of those injured in the confrontation, all of them but one are Turkish nationals. Most of them belonged to IHH or Turkish local networks affiliated with IHH, most probably Islamist by nature. That conclusion supports a similar conclusion reached by examining the names of the Turkish nationals killed in the confrontation, according to which eight out of the nine people killed belonged to Islamist organizations, most of them radical and anti-Western, with about half of them having expressed an intention to die as shaheeds.

3. On the other hand, the list of injured people released by IHH did not include activists belonging to pro-Palestinian organizations or human rights organizations from Western countries or the Arab/Muslim world, except for one activist (who was not seriously injured) from Indonesia. That conclusion is similar to the one reached by examining the names of the people killed in the confrontation. This is yet another testimony that human rights activists who joined the flotilla out of humanitarian considerations took no part in the violent confrontation initiated by IHH.

4. The findings are supported by a great deal of information accumulated since the IDF takeover of the Mavi Marmara pertaining to advance preparations for severe violence against IDF soldiers, which was carried out by a hard core of operatives belonging to IHH and Turkish organizations collaborating with it (some of them known to us as clearly Islamist).


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