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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mahathir talks in Malaysia...

Here's a link to his speech at the conference in Malaysia organiced by his group, the Perdana Global Peace Organization.
The supreme sacrifice by the nine Turkish peace activists will not be in vain, as by their deaths, the true nature of the Zionist regime, its barbarity and ugliness has been laid bare before the world what Israel is…

A brutal regime that has no respect for international law;

A brutish regime that has no qualms in murdering unarmed civilians on a humanitarian mission;

A brutish regime that has created the largest open prison in the world, the enslavement of 1.5 million people within its borders, through blockade and economic sanctions of Gaza;

A brutish regime that brainwashes its young to be mindless killers of unarmed civilians, men, women and children;

A brutish regime that practices apartheid.

A brutish regime that wages wars through deception and lies.

A brutish regime that practices and fosters state terrorism.
You can read the whole horrible speech yourself. Mahathir is a dangerous snake who is trying hard to cause trouble.


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