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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Malaysian politician decides to bash Jews...

I used to have some respect for longer...
Anwar Ibrahim is a Malaysian known for promoting liberal democracy in Muslim countries and for his neoconservative American friends. He encounters difficulty in his own country, but receives no support from the Obama administration.

Lately he seems to have joined the anti-Zionist bandwagon, for political advantage. He now denounces an alleged Zionist interference with Malaysia. He is referring to a Washington, DC public relations firm, Apco Worldwide, whose client is the semi-authoritarian Malaysia regime. Mr. Ibrahim calls that company “Jewish controlled.”

Recently, Ibrahim joined an Israeli flag-burning demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy. How fast he turned from “pro-American democrat to anti-Israel zealot!” This may be the trend (IMRA, 7/5/10).

What is “Jewish-controlled?” There is an assumption that someone theoretically born, but who may be alienated more or less from his heritage, somehow serves at Israel’s bidding. That assumption combines ignorance with antisemitism.


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