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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Other people on death row in Iran...

Here's a look at eight other cases...
Name: Azar Bagheri

Location: Eastern Azerbaijan

Bagheri, now 19, was convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning at age 15. She claims she was forced to marry an older man the previous year, when she was 14. Her husband brought the case against her, claiming she had a relationship with another man. According to the ICAE, Bagheri has been subjected to two mock stonings, for which she was taken out of her cell and buried up to her shoulders in the yard, as if she were to be pelted with stones. Bagheri’s case came to light in the wake of the media storm around Ashtiani, likely because of ICAE founder Mina Ahadi’s contacts in Tabriz, where she had been held and her husband executed before she fled Iran in 1990. Ann Harrison, an Iran researcher at Amnesty International, believes Bagheri’s sentence might have been commuted to 99 lashes.

Name: Mohammad Ali Navid Khamami

Location: Gilan

Khamami, convicted of adultery, was also sentenced to be stoned. The last public reference to his case came last year, when judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jashidi confirmed in a press conference that another man had been stoned to death in Gilan province and declined to deny that another stoning could be forthcoming.

Name: Kobra Babaei

Location: Eastern Azerbaijan

Married couple Rahim Mohammadi and Kobra Babaei were convicted of adultery while married. In an interview with the news Web site Rooz last year, their lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei, said that the couple was unable to find work and turned to Babaei’s prostitution to support themselves. They have a teenage daughter. Rahim Mohammadi was hanged in October 2009, after being convicted of adultery and sodomy. Amnesty’s Harrison received information Thursday suggesting that Babaei’s sentence might be commuted to lashes, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Name: Maryam Baagherzaade

Location: East Azerbaijan

Baagherzaade, 25, was sentenced to death by stoning. She has been in jail for four years, but recently became pregnant during a short leave from prison. According to the ICAE, pregnant women on death row are usually allowed to give birth before they are executed.

Name: Fariba Shafaa’at

Location: East Azerbaijan

Shafaa’at was 14 when she was arrested and charged with the murder of her father. Now 20, she is on death row. In Iran, the legal age of adulthood for girls is 8 years and 8 months, allowing judges to sentence girls older than this to death. The ICAE received information from sources in Tabriz on July 12, indicating that judiciary authorities in Tehran have given the go-ahead for her execution. The method of her impending execution is unknown.

Name: Mohammad Reza Haddadi

Location: Fars

In 2004, Haddadi was convicted for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 15 years old. A court in Shiraz found Haddadi and his codefendants guilty of kidnapping and hiding the body of Mohammad Bagher Rahmat in an attempt to steal Rahmat’s car, but convicted only Haddadi of Rahmat’s murder. Rahmat’s body was burned and buried at the side of a road. According to Human Rights Watch, Haddadi has confessed to suffocating Rahmat with a belt after his codefendants struck Rahmat over the head with a stone and locked him in the trunk of the car. Haddadi, now 23, has had his execution scheduled and cancelled multiple times. Amnesty’s Harrison says this is because Iranian authorities are attempting to arrange a deal between the Haddadi family and the victim’s family for blood-money compensation but have so far been unsuccessful.

Name: Zeynab Jalalian

Location: Tehran

Jalalian, 27, was convicted of the crime of moharebeh, or “enmity against God,” for allegedly participating in the banned Free Life Party of Kurdistan, or PJAK. Her sentence, death by hanging, was approved by Iran’s Supreme Court in November 2009, even though she has been denied access to a lawyer throughout her detention. The trial was said to have lasted just minutes. Some media reports have her being held in Section 209 of Evin prison, which is run by the intelligence ministry, but they have not been verified. Four other Kurdish dissidents were executed without warning in May, and 16 more are currently facing execution, according to Human Rights Watch. Jalalian claims to have been tortured in detention.

Name: Jandarshah Nabizada

Location: Yazd

Sixteen-year-old Nabizada, a villager from northern Afghanistan, was sentenced to death at the Iranian-Afghan border after being caught carrying 200-300 grams of narcotics, according to an interview conducted by Radio Free Europe by phone in March. He is one of thousands of Afghans who have found themselves on death row in Iran, mostly as a result of drug smuggling. In Iran, a major drug transit route between Afghanistan and Western Europe, possession of more than 30 grams of hard drugs like heroin can result in the death penalty. An Afghan parliamentary delegation this past winter turned up 5,630 Afghan prisoners in Iran, about 3,000 of whom are on death row. The Iranian government disputes those figures but has not offered any of their own.


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