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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Send this piece to Queers Against Israeli Apartheid....

They need to read stuff like this...
"If Europe and America are among the civilized countries that pretend to protect human rights, why do they not act determinedly, via the Security Council, to condemn the Zionists' deeds? Why did these same countries not recall their ambassadors from Tel Aviv? In contrast, if a homosexual in some Islamic country is mistreated, the entire world becomes agitated, and homosexual leaders throughout Europe speak out to defend an individual's innate inclination towards his own sex, towards children, or even towards beasts."

"Because the Zionist entity is a world center of homosexuality, the proponents of the culture of homosexuality [feel] obligated to stand alongside it, and even to give it principled support for the taking of the lives of children that it carries out every day, for the past 70 years.

"Had some animal been killed in the [attack on the] freedom flotilla, Brigitte Bardot would have filed a complaint in the animal's defense with the [U.N.] Security Council, with the animal rights councils, and with homosexuals' councils worldwide. But those who died [were there] to identify with Gaza, or were themselves inhabitants of Gaza, so they have no rights. Proponents of homosexual culture consider them less than animals...


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