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Friday, July 23, 2010

Time to end affirmative action in Canada...

Yay...finally, the government is going to look at ending affirmative action!
The Conservatives say race and ethnicity shouldn't enter into the hiring process for federal jobs and have ordered a review of affirmative action policies.

They want to look at government hiring practices, which currently give priority to qualified applicants from minority groups.

New Democrat MP Pat Martin called the move a “full-frontal attack on affirmative action.”

Visible minorities, including aboriginals, have long been underrepresented in the public service.

Treasury Board President Stockwell Day said no Canadian should be barred from a federal job because of race or ethnicity.

“While we support diversity in the public service, we want to ensure that no Canadian is barred from opportunities in the public service based on race or ethnicity,” Mr. Day said in a statement.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who was also involved in the decision, said hiring should be based on merit.

“I strongly agree with the objective of creating a public service that reflects the diversity of Canada, and with fair measures designed to reach that goal,” he said in a statement.

“But we must ensure that all Canadians have an equal opportunity to work for their government based on merit, regardless of race or ethnicity.”


Anonymous Rightchik said...

Now if only they will do something about those ridiculous language requirements!

10:35 AM  

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