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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Another anti-semitic attack in France....

This follows recent attacks on kosher stores...
A new wave of anti-Semitism in France spread to the city of Marmande, where vandals desecrated a memorial to Jews deported by Nazis. The attack follows two recent attacks on attacks on kosher stores and Jewish graves.

As the rampage continues, French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux expressed “horror and sadness” after the latest desecration. The mayor of Marmande pointed the finger at Holocaust deniers who smeared the words “lies,” “Zionism”, “interests” and the dollar sign “$” in red paint on the monument that bears the names of Nazi concentration camps.

Hortefeux said that the anti-Semites "clearly targeted the memory of the deportees and the Jewish community of France. I am more than ever determined to fight against all racism and all forms [of] extremism.”

Official statements denouncing the new wave have not stemmed it. Last week, the Union of Jewish Students in France (UEJF) described attacks on kosher stores as a “new demonstration of anti-Semitic hatred.” Swastikas had been discovered at a dozen kosher stores in Paris and on the wall of a Jewish school and a nearby building.

Three weeks ago, vandals in eastern France smashed or overturned 27 gravestones at the Jewish cemetery of Wolfisheim, near Strasbourg.

More recently, anti-Semitic slogans and Nazi swastikas were discovered on the walls of the Etz Chaim synagogue in Melun, located in central France. In January, some 30 gravestones were vandalized, including 18 painted with swastikas and 13 overturned, and the German phrase “Juden Raus” (“Jews out”) was written on one of the tombstones.


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