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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Canada must not abandon Afghanistan...

Terry Glavin has an important piece at his blog today on Liberalism, Afghanistan, Post-Modernisn, and the Conservatives. As usual, I agree with Terry on most things (although I don't believe that Geert Wilders had much to do with the Dutch withdrawing from Afghanistan.

I am flattered that Terry linked to me as a 'decent conservative'. Yes, there are some of us around.

But, Terry's point about the Conservative Party and the lack of a debate on Afghanistan is certainly true, and embarrassing. Conservatives should be leading on this issue - keeping Afghanistan free from the Taliban should be a priority for the whole western world. Canada has so much to offer - help in mining resources, help in training the police and military, and help to all NATO countries in showing how to fight a war, etc.

You know, it was great seeing Canada do so well at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. But, that's all fluff compared to being a leader in the world - and why not make Afghanistan the focus of our expertise?

Stephen Harper - it's time. Time to show some leadership in Afghanistan. Our troops died for something - Canadians know it, Afghans know it. So, please make a speech, and show the same backbone you show in defending Israel to defend Afghanistan.


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