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Friday, August 20, 2010

Iran gets the bomb song...


Blogger Hoarfrost said...

I am afraid for the future that is being promulgated by the radical Mohameddans among us all. Even MacLean's magazine this week tries to minimize the terror that I feel. I know that there are peaceful Mohameddans among us. I do not fear them but I fear those that hide among them. No-one can tell me that the sunni Wahabi Muslims of Saudi Arabia are peaceful. No-one can tell me that the ruling Shi'ite Mullahs of Iran are peaceful.

Let's stop talking about Mohameddans in general and let us condemn the nefarious Mohameddan sects specifically.

I fear that world war three is being instigated by these radicals. I propose that Canada should get out of the middle east completely. Any war needs to be fought in the air and not on the ground. They have shown in Iraq, in Iran, in Afghanistan, in Syria that they are beyond personal protection that on the ground troops can provide. Let us get the hell out of there and change our constitution regarding refugees from Mohameddan countries unless they renounce Mohamed.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Hoarfrost said...

My previous comment was harsh and politically incorrect, I know. Using my free speech right I am expressing my personal opinion and it seems to reflect the opinion of the average apolitical Canadian that I encounter and hear from unsolicited.

10:34 PM  

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