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Monday, August 02, 2010

PA now arresting Hamas' relatives....

How on earth can the Israelis make peace with the Palestinians when they can't make peace between themselves???
As part of its massive crackdown on Hamas in the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority’s security forces have begun arresting sons and husbands of senior figures in the Islamist movement.

The arrests are designed to increase pressure on Hamas to prevent it from extending its control from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, said a PA security official in Ramallah.

Last week, the PA’s General Intelligence Service arrested the sons of Samira Halayka, a legislator who represents Hamas’s Change and Reform list. Earlier, Halayka’s husband and driver were also arrested by the PA.

Halayka said that scores of Palestinian officers, some of them masked, had raided her home late at night and arrested her sons Osama and Anas after beating them.

Halayka said that in her village alone, some 300 young men had been arrested or summoned for questioning by the PA security forces on suspicion of supporting Hamas.

“My sons and fellow villagers are not robbers and highway thieves,” she wrote in a letter to Majed Faraj, commander of the General Intelligence Service. “You have kidnapped teachers, imams, university students, factory owners, businessmen and even elderly men. You have also summoned mothers, children and even pregnant women to interrogate them about me. They were all humiliated during interrogation.”


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