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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Conservative Cultural Space...

This is a cross post from my friend Rightchik!
I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have heard conservatives (of all stripes) lament the distinctly leftist agenda of all things cultural. From movies, to TV, to music, to books and everything in between there is a vast wasteland of Michael Moore's and Oprah wannabes waving their fingers at the right.

Have you attended a festival or any other artistic event that wasn't left leaning? If it is creative it is probably wagging a finger at you and tsktsking your conservative/libertarian beliefs! I don't know about you but I decided not to put up with this anymore.

I am supporting The Free Thinking Film Festival. Okay, full disclosure, I am the Vice Chair of the Free Thinking Film Society and came on board as Event Planner with Fred over a year ago. Three years ago Fred started the society because like me (and you I am willing to bet) because he was frustrated. He wanted to create a cultural space for conservatives and libertarians. The society "celebrates the efforts of risk taking documentarians whose work espouses the values of limited, democratic government, free market economies, equality of opportunity rather than equality of result, and the dignity of the individual all underscored by a healthy and patriotic respect for Western culture and traditions."

Sounds good doesn't it? Here's the thing though. Conservatives need to support this event. That means buying weekend passes. Don't live in Ottawa or you are away that weekend? No problem, buy anyway and donate it to the University of Ottawa or Carleton University Conservative Clubs - they would be very appreciative of your generosity and kindness.

Perhaps you are on the board of an organization that promotes conservative or libertarian values - well, not only should you buy passes but you should rent a table. Email to get the details.

Do you have a business? Have you thought about sponsorship? Currently the Festival is being sponsored by Heritage Brewing and County Cider Company. Their support and generosity is greatly appreciated! Yours would be too.

Free Thinking Films is a registered non profit organization that has taken no government funding. Your support is needed. We have great volunteers and are getting a lot of positive feedback but let's cut to the chase, we need people to pony up a few bucks.

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who complain about government but don't vote. If you are conservative, this is probably a sticking point with you too. Well, this is pretty much the same thing. Don't complain about the lack of conservative cultural events if you are not willing to support the only conservative film festival that is happening in Canada!

The left understands how important cultural events are to promoting their agenda. It is that understanding and strength that got Obama elected. It is because understanding of how culture and artistic endeavour influence public policy and public opinion that the seal hunt is almost extinct, that once a year at "Earth Hour" millions of people willingly shut off all electricity, that children are encouraged to rat out their parents for being not environmental. There are just so many examples of how the left has used music, movies, literature and celebrities.

Just say no to Michael Moore, Bono and Sean Penn and say yes to The Free Thinking Film Fest!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea and good that you are covering this event. I have a better suggestion, how about the Carleton and Ottawa U students fundraising or selling raffle tickets for passes to go to the event? Might work too, just a thought. Also, if the pass is for several days then students can share it, since $60 bucks is a lot for a student, but $20 is more comfortable. (real conservative)

11:26 PM  

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