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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kalifornistan to open Free Thinking Film Festival...

We're very excited that Kalifornistan will open the Festival..
Opening Night Gala
Friday, November 12, 2010, 7 PM
Library and Archives Canada
Main Auditorium

The opening night gala is also a fundraiser for the Military Family Resource Centre which helps military families in the capital region.

In the shadowy Port of Los Angeles, an insane terrorist stalks a beautiful dancer ... while plotting the nuclear apocalypse he hopes will make him a celebrity. KALIFORNISTAN is a darkly comic satire on terrorism made by Canadian actress and filmmaker Govindini Murty and American filmmaker Jason Apuzzo. KALIFORNISTAN follows the deranged leader of a terror cell called 'Glorious Jihad of Kalifornistan' as he plots to destroy Los Angeles with a nuclear bomb - while being distracted by a sultry exotic dancer. KALIFORNISTAN fuses film, video, documentary and surveillance footage into a cutting-edge narrative on the violence, narcissism and delusional fantasies that fuel contemporary Islamic terrorism. KALIFORNISTAN takes viewers on a twisted journey of the post-9/11 world from Gitmo to Iran, from the dark corners of LA harbour into the mind of a terrorist too deranged even for Al Qaeda.

Human Events says of KALIFORNISTAN: “The film clicks as strong, effective satire ... Kalifornistan ... dares to see the average terrorist for what he truly is -- a laughably warped soul with a world view shaped by Islamic radicalism -- and too many extremist blogs ... and once you meet the terrorist at the heart of the film you’ll wonder why more filmmakers haven’t taken this approach before.” LA's Daily Breeze says that "Kalifornistan may be the South Bay's 21st century cinematic equivalent of Gone in 60 Seconds, the 1974 cult classic." Online journal Rational Review says that KALIFORNISTAN "is beautifully shot" and "it's Fellini meets Kubrick."

Govindini Murty is an Ottawa native who co-founded the Liberty Film Festival in Los Angeles with her husband Jason Apuzzo in order to provide a greater diversity of viewpoints in Hollywood. Murty and Apuzzo have been frequently featured in the media, are independent filmmakers, and are also the Co-Editors of Libertas Film Magazine.

Speakers after the film: Govindini Murty and Jason Apuzzo


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