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Thursday, October 14, 2010

China says Nobel Prize tantamount to 'encouraging crime'...

Well, to them it encourages crime...
China Thursday denounced the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to dissident Liu Xiaobo as tantamount to "encouraging crime," as state media said the award was part of a Western "ideological war" against Beijing.

The comments came as China came under fresh pressure, with Norway criticising Chinese retaliatory steps over the award and Japan's prime minister saying the jailed laureate should be freed.

"Liu Xiaobo is a convicted criminal. Awarding the Nobel Prize to him is equivalent to encouraging crime," foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu told reporters.

Liu, 54, was sentenced last December to 11 years in jail for subversion. He was awarded the peace prize last week by Oslo's Nobel Committee for his advocacy of political reform and human rights in one-party China.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The criminals are in this communist regime. Does anybody outside of China have an idea the wealth and power the communists have in China? Nobody really knows. (real conservative)

4:45 PM  

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