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Monday, November 22, 2010

An anti-semitic speech from Hamas...

Some highlights...
1. Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar has recently given an anti-Semitic speech shown live on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV (November 5, 2010).

2. In the speech, Mahmoud al-Zahar reiterated the thesis appearing in his book (see Appendix II) according to which “Jews have no future between nations”. Al-Zahar extensively covered the history of the murder and expulsion of the Jews from various European countries, claiming that they had been driven out as a result of their despicable qualities (murder, theft, betrayal, etc.). He then went on to “prove” that the elimination of the State of Israel and the expulsion of the Jews “from the entire territory of Palestine” are necessitated by reality, and that the Jews will one day be driven out, “Allah willing”.

3. In his speech, Mahmoud al-Zahar presented a pseudo-historic portrayal of the history of the expulsion of the Jews from various countries, showing understanding for the crimes committed against the Jews throughout history and ascribing the expulsions to the Jews’ crimes and loathsome qualities. For example:

a. Pharaoh drove the Jews out of Egypt “because they spilled the blood of the Egyptians and conspired against them with their enemies”, and after they abandoned their religion following Joseph’s death.

b. In 1253 the French expelled the Jews for “sucking the blood of the French, spilling their blood, slaughtering them, stealing their possessions, and conspiring against them…”

c. In 1280 the Englishmen slaughtered the Jews and expelled them because they exposed their crimes—“sucking their [i.e., the Englishmen’s] blood and stealing their property…”

4. Mahmoud al-Zahar goes on to list numerous other countries from which the Jews were expelled: France (one more time), Hungary, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Holland, Spain, Russia, and Germany. According to Mahmoud al-Zahar, “the series of expulsions [of the Jews from the various countries] continue to this day”.

5. At the end of that “historic” review, Al-Zahar presents the lesson and conclusions for his audience to consider: “The expulsion will come, Allah willing, from Palestine, from the entire territory of Palestine, Allah willing. We are no less strong or honorable as the peoples who expelled and uprooted them. We are about to expel them. We have learned our lesson. You have no place among us and [Jews] have no future between nations. You are about to disappear, and we are about to emerge victorious.”


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