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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Former Iranian diplomat admits Iran working on a nuclear bomb....

With the help of North Korea...
An Iranian former diplomat says Iran is working toward developing a nuclear bomb with the help of scientists from North Korea and other countries worldwide, the Daily Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

Mohammed Reza Heydari, former of the Iranian embassy in Oslo, Norway, told the British newspaper that he had helped North Korean technicians and military experts enter Iran while he was working for the Iranian foreign ministry office in Tehran's airport.

Heydari said the North Korean experts helped Iran develop nuclear bomb capability and increase the range of Iran's ballistic missiles.
He said that his mission was to allow North Korean military staff, as well as Palestinians associated with Hamas, enter the country without any visa and passport inspection.

According to Heydari, Iran is recruiting nuclear scientists worldwide, especially in Africa. He claimed recruitment is carried out by foreign ministry staff in Iranian embassies, who track down local scientists and offer them contracts to work in Iran.

Iran's claims that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes is a fa├žade, Heydari added.

Heydari resigned as consul of the Iranian embassy and went into hiding along with his family after a a crackdown by Tehran on protesters disputing the results of last year's presidential election. Norway granted him political asylum in February 2010.


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