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Sunday, December 05, 2010

The pathetic Avi Lewis...

Where do you even start with this? First, it's interesting to note that Lewis does not mention the KAIROS project that was defunded by the government. He might have asked them...but the project had little to do with Israel. Secondly, he never mentions why there was a war in Gaza or Lebanon? He implies the Israelis were fighting the Lebanese, as opposed to fighting Hezbollah.

Of course, Lewis has to add that he is Jewish (that segment where he goes to his old school with the swastika)....and therefore, he knows anti-semitism.

My final point - you don't have to be anti-Israel to support the Palestinians. Hamas is a genocidal organization, and no true supporter of a Palestinian state can do anything but to oppose them as strenuously as possible. The same goes for Hezbollah - another genocidal organization.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was fired by the CBC for his leftest views

11:21 PM  
Blogger Tomm said...

Really enjoyed the piece, thanks for posting it.

11:37 PM  

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