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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The powerful Jewish community in Toronto???

Toronto Pride is a mess. Laden with debt, leaderless, and now with fewer sponsors, one wonders if the Jewish community will be blamed. Here's a current article from NOW magazine...
But I don't care how powerful the Jewish community is in Toronto, no way a first-time filmmaker like Martin Gladstone should have had so much more impact on the issue than a smart leader of Pride who underdstood how to protect the festival's interests.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's more to this story because I launched a Human Rights complaint against one of the Sponsors which I work for since they had a new Policy called *PRIDE where all employees had to morally and financially endorse the Pride parade and the overt Nudity by men faunting it in front of children.
I alleged that my Rights were violated when my job was tied to
not only condoning the Child-Abuse in public but to endorse QuAIA when we all know that Hamas kills gays in public if caught in Gaza.
The Minister Of Justice announced that the new Child-Exploitation Laws will make the PRIDE male Nudity a crime which the Liberals feared when they opposed these new Children's Rights.

I can only tell you that the large Crop. I work for may want to rid themselves of the Nudity and QuAIA pro-Hamas perception. If my Employer posted this Policy before I was hired it would be a different case where I could choose to not work there, but it was brought in with no regard for employees that oppose the killing of gays in Gaza by Hamas.

I think many people in PRIDE will jump ship to absolve themselves of the last 7 years of Nudity and now the QuAIA link that could be used to ask them why they never spoke out,don't foreget that when slavery was abolished it didn't wash clean the hands of slave owners that endorsed the 1857 expansion of slavery to all the 13 States.

Child-abuse is just as wrong as slavery even if an Ontario Judge and Barbara Hall chose to not oppose it since 2003 .

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pride comes before a fall. (real conservative)

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Rightchik said...

"But I don't care how powerful the Jewish community is in Toronto" - shame on the author for fomenting this type of vitriolic hatred - implying that somehow the Jewish community of Toronto is responsible for years of mismanagement! And shame on the editor for allowing this bit of antisemitism to be printed! I trust that the author and the editor will immediately issue a statement categorically denying that any anti jewish hatred was intended and that NOW would never subscribe to sterotypes and cultural biases!

9:59 AM  

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