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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canada is now an apartheid state...

With more statements like this, the anti-Israel crowd continues to lose credibility...
At Toronto’s Israel Apartheid Week hate event this year, Chadni Desai, speaking on behalf of the organizers, announced:
“We as the organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto believe that we cannot speak meaningfully about Israeli apartheid without speaking first about the realities of apartheid here in Canada. Canada’s reservation system and the treatment of indigenous peoples is (sic) closely studied by the planners of apartheid in South Africa, although this is a hidden chapter of our history. From its very foundations, Canada has been based on the theft of indigenous land and the genocide and displacement of indigenous peoples. In crucial ways, the Canadian state’s treatment of indigenous peoples, historically and currently, can be described as an apartheid system.

.. As non-natives, we have a role within our communities to further the process of decolonizing Canada. If you are with us in opposition to Israeli Apartheid, we encourage your consistent opposition to apartheid right here in Canada. .. From Palestine to Turtle Island* there is no justice on stolen land.”
So there you have it. They have proclaimed that ‘Canadian apartheid’ was the inspiration for South African apartheid, except our version is still going on.

It’s possible the supporters of IAW think that formally declaring Canada an “apartheid” country absolves them of charges of hypocrisy. Actually, it makes it worse. Not only are they hypocrites and irrational anti-Semites, but they also establish themselves as willing contributors to apartheid.

Virtually every country in the world has had prior occupants with some sort of land grievances. But if contemporary Canada is the living spirit of apartheid, what are these self-declared “anti-apartheid” activists doing here, continuing to colonize, settle and steal native land? If they honestly believe the foolishness they put forward, why don’t they live up to their commitment of “decolonizing Canada” by packing up their bags and taking Helen Thomas’ advice to Israelis to ”go back where they came from”?

Ironically, these are the same people who as a group want to make immigration (i.e. the increased and ongoing theft of Native land) easier. Yet each new immigrant simply increases the crime against Canada’s original occupants, adding to “apartheid”. And far from supporting the ideals of IAW, most immigrants likely have less sympathy for Canadian natives than those of us who were born here and raised on the awareness of the wrongs perpetrated on aboriginals.

Have these hypocrites in the “Israeli Apartheid” movement actually done anything substantive to end “Canadian apartheid”? There’s no evidence of it. Are they calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Canada, as they do against Israel? No. That would be inconvenient for them, as it would expose the foolishness of their position. Instead, they utter meaningless platitudes and then go after the Jews.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was the perfect chance for them to stand on Principle as an example and tell everyone that they are leaving Canada's Aparteid to go and live in Gaza among their oppressed Freedom Fighters to show their support.
But NOOOOOO, they stay here and whine about external issues and have not 1 example for a solution. Typical leftist thug brain-dead faux-elitism.This guy will run to Jack Layton one day and cry over his Student Debt because he's just as stupid as when he entered University but owes $30K+ that he wants us to pay for.

During the illegal War by Hezballah that attack a fellow Demoractic U.N. memeber Nation,we saw how the Canadian Arab Federation claimed that 80%+ muslim and Arabs in canada supported hezballahs Terrorism and Shariah law murdering of Gays.
Then we heard Dr Muhammad Elmasry on the Coren Show declare that " All israeli's over 18 are valid targets for murder by suicide bombers".
Then during the Caladonia illegal war by a few Thugs,I saw the Lebannon/Hezballah Flag flying high from what I believed was linked to Dr.Elmasry because he himself claimed that canada was liek israel that stold land from Aboriginals.

Once again,people like Elmasry and the Khard/Klan/Kids(KKK) will spew their hatred for canada but never seem to make a protest Stance to leave.
Daddy dearest Khadr is dead,Omar is in jail for his murderous violations on the Geneva Convention for waging war while refusing to wear a Uniform and obey the POW rules once they surrender.
Jack Layton and Alexa McDonnough helped Maher Arar sue us Tax Payers for $400'000'000.00 for an Alleged harm in his Homeland of Syria after he tried to sneak into the USA from Tunisia after his family fled canada.
Arar had a failed lawfare case for $30 Million against JORDAN where he said the "Torture" took place,it fail...then he and the NDP came after us in 2004 and Arar dragged it out until he settled Out Of Court just one day befor the final report that exposed his Globe-Trotting and gun permit along with his 2nd home in Boston near a 9/11 Airport.

Just wait until the Islamofascists start their Jihad in canada to demand a Islamic State run by Shariah law, Dr.Sheema Khan from CAIR-canada had Crusaded for Shariah law in canada and denied the evudence that CAIR funnelled donation to hamas and other Terrorism groups outside of canada.

Thank Gawd Jason Kenney is sending a message to the Sheema Khan's in canada that her Whahhabi Shariah law and Honour killings or public murders for gays and adulters will not get rooted on our soil.
Ms.Khan is free to live in Saudi Arabia or Iran to show her Children how little Shariah values females and Homosexuals.
Aly Hindy and Dr.Elmasry can also join Ms.Kahn and I'll even donate money for the Air Saudi flight to their Utopic Shariah law country where they still behead people for offending isdlam and Allah.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Charles the Great said...

I just hope that the leftest losers know the Apartheid government in South Africa only said that the reservation system looked like Apartheid in South Africa only for propaganda purposes. What's next are they going to lie to the World that Canada is an Apartheid State like they do with Israel.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This bashing of Canada's reservation system if particularly amusing for me as an American, because no moron would dare compare the Indian Reservation System to apartheid for fear of being lynched by an angry mob of Native Americans for espousing advocacy for the hated "termination policy" which basically said that if an Indian tribe sells their reservation then they will get automatic citizenship (this was before they had actual rights). Later it simply consisted of taking the land and "supporting" the Indian tribe's assimilation into American society. This policy continued on and off for extended intervals of time until it was finally ended by the Carter Administration and buried by the Reagan One due to the universal opposition Native Americans had towards it.

6:33 PM  

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