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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Iran conducting secret ballistic missile tests...

Why are they trying to keep this secret???
British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday that Iran has conducted covert tests of ballistic missiles alongside a 10-day program of public military maneuvers.

Mr. Hague told the House of Commons there had been secret experiments with missiles and rocket launchers.

Iran is conducting 10 days of war games in an apparent show of strength to the West and on Tuesday fired 14 missiles in public tests.

Britain believes Tehran has conducted at least three secret tests of medium-range ballistic missiles since October.


Blogger joannis said...

We have often wished Obama was decent enough of a leader to recognize that Iran should not, and SHALL NOT have nukes! But what say Britain and France and Canada and Germany? These four NATO and G7 countries all have Conservative leaders. Couldn't Libya be a practise round for Iran?
Suppose Obama thinks he has Israel on the ropes - What if Britain alone if preferred, though Canada has as well a decent squadron of F-18s to contribute, took up with Israel's own skilled force, the damed Iranian leadership and nuclear sites? Why not?

5:52 AM  

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