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Friday, June 24, 2011

Is this the voice of peace???

Nabil Sha'th, a prominent member of Fatah, spells out his vision of peace...
In response to Kul Al-Arab's question "Do you still believe in two states for two peoples?" Sha'th said: "We do not recognize anything called the state of the Jewish people. We are prepared to recognize the State of Israel, if they say that the Israeli people includes those Muslim and Christian residents who are the true owners of the land. But we do not agree to [two states] for two peoples, which means that Israel belongs to the Jewish people. [Israel must] belong to everyone who lives there, and first and foremost to its original inhabitants. We have never agreed, and never will agree, under any circumstances, to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people.

"To begin with, we rejected the Partition Plan, and they [the Jews] implemented it only in terms of what concerned them. If they want to implement the plan [as it is written], we will reconsider [our] position and ask for 44 percent of Palestine, rather than 22 percent – in which case all of the Jezreel Valley will be part of Palestinian territory.

"There is a chance for two states: a Palestinian state and a non-Jewish State of Israel. We want a solution that will ensure the rights of the refugees and protect the rights of those Palestinians who live in Israel, since protecting their rights is part of our strategy. The discussion of one state is altogether impossible."


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