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Thursday, July 21, 2011

An idiotic civil servant...

If he believes this stuff...what else does he believe????
Heritage Minister James Moore is investigating allegations someone in his department used a government computer to slag Israel during office hours.

Moore was responding to a report by Sun Media columnist Ezra Levant who identified Monzer Zimmo as the financial and business development adviser to Moore, and a part-time anti-Israel blogger.

“In this one particular case I have asked my deputy minister to do an investigation to find out exactly what went on in office hours and what was said and whether it can be attributed to a particular employee,” Moore said in Vancouver on Tuesday.

“Obviously the comments that had been made online are outrageous and unacceptable and if someone was using work computers to spread that kind of nonsense they should be held accountable.”

Levant reported that someone using the name Monzer Zimmo blogged last week - during office hours and on a Heritage Canada computer - that he was proud to be part of the Gaza flotilla to deliver aid to Palestinians and expressed his support for Hamas, a Palestinian group the Canadian government considers terrorists.

Zimmo denied writing those things from his department desk, and speculated he was being framed by one of the 1,200 bureaucrats in the ministry.

In an entry last year to NDP MP Libby Davis, Zimmo called Israel a rogue state, accused it of piracy and murder, and called B’nai Brith a hate group. Zimmo didn’t deny writing the entry, but said he couldn’t remember if he worked that day.

Zimmo also stands by his view that it’s an open question who was to blame for the 9/11 attacks despite Osama Bin Laden’s repeated claims he masterminded the al Qaida terrorist attack.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's an open question" ? Another troofer, He says it's one of "the other bureaucrats"
Perhaps the same people who were responsible for 911?
I think he needs a new job.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since this Public Sector worker is paid by our tax dollars, I would like to point out that this guys 9/11 Theory that islam didn't do it and that Bush and NORAD replaced the passenger Planes with drones loaded with bombs....this yahoo has just implicated Jean Chretien and Paul Martin in the mass-Slaughter of 3000 civilians including 24 canadians.

I put-up with the Pro Hizballah/Hamas stance and rantings by Syed Rhanni at CUPE because it's the Union dupes being ripped-off to fund the propaganda in canada to support Cuba and the Taliban.
But this guy is asserting that one of our PM's had murdered 24 of their Citizens while the Finanace Minister also knew about it and approved the funds for NORAD to execute the mass-slaughter of 3000people and blame it on Muslims.

It can't be both Muslims and Bush/Chretien that did 9/11, so lets thank this worker for the insight and call an Inquiry to get Martin/Chretien to tell us what they knew and when.
OH WAIT......Justice Gomery tried that and they both used the Sgt.Schultz defense to be too stupid to have known what went on under them. I guess Jean would pull out the Golf Balls from Bush and prattle on that he knew Nothing about 9/11 and then deny he sent our Navy to Iraq to aid the USA.
I miss the Liberals and Svend Robinson's hissey-fits like the time the JDF stopped him from being murdered in gaza like many other gays get murdered there while CUPE stays mute.

11:45 PM  

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