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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hezbollah in America...

Some of its latest activities...
Evidence for Hizballah's criminal and terrorist activities in the Western hemisphere continues to build. The implications for the U.S., for Israel, and for Jews globally are ominous. Why, then, is so little attention paid?


• In early July, two men were arrested in Bucharest and two more in the Maldive Islands in a U.S.-orchestrated sting operation. Their purpose: purchasing surface-to-air missiles and other munitions for Hizballah and the Taliban in exchange for hundreds of kilos of heroin. And whence the heroin? In 2001, the U.S. Treasury Department added the Hizballah-linked Lebanese businessman Ayman Joumma to its list of known drug smugglers and money launderers. He and others are accused of laundering up to $200 million per month through Lebanon, West Africa, Colombia, and Panama. Today, Hizballah's role in drug smuggling is expanding, especially as Iranian funding for the organization has dropped.

• Also on the increase are attempts to purchase weapons and funding within the U.S. Weapons cases were uncovered in Philadelphia and New York City in 2009. Three Yemeni men in Rochester were convicted of illegally transferring money to Hizballah in 2009, and cigarette smuggling rings that raised millions of dollars were busted in North Carolina in 2002 and New York in 2003. An Ohio couple, Hor and Amera Akl, pled guilty in 2011 to charges of conspiracy to support Hizballah, including through insurance fraud.

• In July, federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment against Faouzi Ayoub, formerly of Dearborn, Michigan, accusing him of using a forged U.S. passport in 2000 to travel to Israel at the direction of Hizballah to attempt a terrorist attack. Now on the FBI's most wanted list, he was arrested by Israel in 2001 and exchanged in 2004 along with 436 other prisoners for kidnapped Israeli drug smuggler Elhanan Tannenbaum.

• Again in July, Roger Noriega, former U.S. ambassador to the Organization of American States, testified before Congress about Hizballah's operations in Latin America. These activities include drug smuggling, money laundering, and proselytizing, as well as radicalizing the region's large Muslim population. Hizballah has long been implicated in the Iranian bombings of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and the Jewish community center there in 1994. Noriega also documented Iranian and Hizballah connections to the Chavez regime in Venezuela, including the weapons ship Francop, which was intercepted by Israeli naval commandos in 2009 carrying munitions for Hizballah to Syria.

• Also in July, the hacker group LulzSec released a confidential report by the Tucson police department pointing to the 2010 arrest in Mexico of Jameel Nasr, allegedly tasked with creating a Hizballah network in that country. The report noted the recent introduction of vehicle-born improvised explosive devices (a Hizballah trademark), by Mexican drug gangs. Border agents across the American Southwest continue to arrest illegal immigrants deemed "Other Than Mexicans," some of whom sport tattoos of Hizballah symbols.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good day sir
For a long time I thought your Blog was Gay and "Correct" as if to infer to people that only you had the truth. But I saw you on Corens TV spot and I was very impressed that you share the same disgust as many people do for the overt Nudity in PRIDE while children are around to view it.
Miller and Hall sold their souls long ago and they are in the history books for future children to see how evil and stupid Leader were to endorse child-abuse and harm kids in public.

Each time I try to tell PRIDE that they should move the event to the CNE grounds for the Sunday during the Indy race, they tell me to leave toronto if I don't like the nudity.
But the Indy Race can finish-up near sun set on Saturday , host their awards and party while cleaning crews prepare for PRIDE. The track uses the Lakeshore and it could be left there while a spot for the float Storage can be arranged. The benches and booze are there, cameras and it's a adult venue as a Paid event. Thus no kids, even crusie boat can anchor off shore with live audio video feed to jumbo screens on the boat. The TTC and GO service is right there, or cruise boats can pick-up people from the humber area or centre island and return them .

TADA, everyones happy except the defiant brats that want their was and call me a homophobe to dare want toi reduce the pollution and traffic issue by blending 2 events. I find it tough to belive the in 400 years there will still be a isolated Gay Village, Little Italy,little Somalia,tamil town, and others since we see a growing threat by the islamic Supremacists get Mosques in public school, prayer room in Offices,halal compliant luchrooms,and Mosques that can ban non-muslims for not obeying Allah and shariah Law to dress and follow the rituals.
BMO is already endorsing the Child-abuse and quasi-pedophlia by the TNT slobs, and BMO field is huge to hold parts of the event, RICOH colliseum is there, and PRIDE can finish up at 7pm and have the Lakeshore running by 9pm.

I can dream can't I.

11:19 AM  

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