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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iranian persecution of Christians grow...

A crackdown that is getting little notice...
From Réalité-EU, a timeline of repression:
In 2008, the Iranian parliament approved a bill mandating that all male apostates be put to death and all female apostates be imprisoned for life. [2]Anti-Christian activities also targeted traditionally protected Christian communities.

In March 2009, after receiving threats from the government, the Assyrian Pentecostal Church in Tehran closed its doors. [3]

Today, most of Iran’s Christians meet out of sight of the authorities in “house churches”. [4]

In the early morning hours of December 26, 2010, the Iranian government arrested 25 Christians in Tehran and other locations. [5]

In January 2011, Iranian authorities arrested dozens of Christian converts from Islam. Tehran’s governor, Morteza Tamadon, confirmed the arrests and said that missionary evangelicals are a “cultural invasion of the enemy”. He described Christians as “hard-line” missionaries who have “inserted themselves into Islam like a parasite,” according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency. [6]

This statement echoed a declaration of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, who in October 2010 said that house churches are a threat to Iran’s national security. [7]

Those statements serve as the pretext for the Revolutionary Guard’s targeting of churches, their leaders and worshippers. [8]

In the past six months, the crackdown has led to the arrest of 285 Christians in 35 cities, according to Elam Ministries, an organization that serves Christians in Iran. [9]

Many of those Christians have spent weeks and even months in prison, often serving long periods in solitary confinement. They also have endured interrogations and psychological abuse. [10]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But just hurt the feelings of a muslim in Canada and you can be brought before the so called Human Rights Board.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It made me sick to hear an Egyptian Imam in Toronto tell a TV host that Christians have more rights that Muslims in many parts of the Middle east and in Egypt.
One night on TVO there was a debate on Shariah law in canada , Sheema Khan argied it would bring more Rights to females and candians in general that our dcurrent Rights. Then the pro-iran Muslim joined CAIR's Sheema Khan to insist canada must embrace islam and Shariah in the future, Tarek Fatah told them to go live in Caliphates if Shariah is so great and they pine for the good old days back home i niran and Saudi Arabia.
Poor Barbara Hall, she will be the first one beheaded on the Altar of Multiculturalism that all faiths are equal and all Cultures are equal.
Hall was the Mayor that allowed the overt Nudity in PRIDE and she still defend this quasi-pedophilia by TNT males who enjoy it but we have no real proof that these nudists are not STR8 prevs in the guise of gays to get their kicks exposing themselves to kids.
Miller endorsed the same Nudty and child-abuse, but here's the rub...the Pro-islam gays that march have to deal with Muhammed that raped a 9 year old girl when he was 54 years old. That's a pedophile under candian Law and he was a Homophobe to tell his followers to kill gays for allah.
So it gets confusing to see QuAIA gays next to muslim gays that feld gaza and the west bank, then have naked white males offend islam by being nude at children as the Quran also exalts a pedophile and misogynistic/homophobe.

The Parade was once for the freedoms and Rights to jobs and housing, no it's a Political display for any yahoo with a cause and THEY can break the Laws as the PRIDE-Police allow it and Barbara Hall sits on her hands. BMO supports this nudity and pro-hamas QuAIA group, and there are photos or Barbara Hall at BMO fund raiser for the PRIDE event that enable child-abuse.
Axe the CBC and the HRC's because they are now Propaganda wings of radical groups that ruin it for all the people to control what candians can see and what words are banned.
And shame on the mute Muslims in canada that run to the HRC's for the least offense from hurt feelings, and yet don't give a damn about their Muslim brothers slaughtering jews and Christians along with the Arab Msulims in Africa murdering the Apostate Black African Muslims.

Welcome to islam and the world of Shariah law and thought control by Socialistic thugs.

6:14 PM  

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