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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 9/11 article....

A letter to conservatives...
9/11 was a huge wake-up call for many of us. It was important to finally understand the Islamist threat, and in the 10 years following 9/11, the west has made significant progress; we removed the Taliban from power in Afghanistan; al-Qaida has been largely disabled; Saddam Hussein was deposed; and an Arab spring has emerged. The west was provoked and the west reacted.

Unfortunately, everybody seems to be tiring. In fact, the Americans seem to be fast asleep - paralyzed with interminable budget problems and an administration that seems to have no interest in promoting democracy overseas.

The U.S. networks now run non-stop shows about financial problems - personal, city, state and federal. Tune in tonight for the latest batch of bad financial news; more awful news at 11. The fight to raise the debt ceiling was farcical. And, if you think the Americans are bad, well, does anybody really believe the Europeans are facing up to their financial problems?

But what really keeps me up at night is the new tone of isolationism. You can see it in the Republican candidates for the Presidency - they don't talk at all about Islamist terrorism; they all can't wait to get out of Afghanistan; and promoting democracy seems like a quaint notion of foregone years. To these candidates, foreign policy is a useless abstraction - unless it's a plan to cut aid or other related spending.

I worry that some of this "budget-cutting-isolationism" will find its way into the conservative discussion in Canada. And that would be unfortunate.

When I last wrote for, I said that Canada has a great opportunity to engage with the world and that Canada's time had come. Libya is a good case study. We played a major role in combat operations, and we were one of the first governments to recognize the rebel council. Canada was more engaged than the U.S. - from start to finish.

But there are some problematic signals. We've already seen cuts in aid to the Afghan people. I'm afraid that in our rush to balance our budget, we will cut out foreign aid and the military because it is easy - and it really won't affect us in our daily lives. I certainly think we can save money - we can find alternative methods of aid delivery - spending money where it counts rather than on bullet-proof vests for aid workers living in air-conditioned suites.

But, shouldn't we also have the capability to do more? This is our time to step up to the plate. Forget about the Americans. Forget about the Europeans. As the old, decrepit regimes are overthrown, wouldn't it make sense that people know that Canada was there to help? What an opportunity to build good will!

And, will our move to balance the budget dictate the need to cosy up to the Chinese - our version of "raising revenues." John Baird's last trip to China was educational - human rights was a definite afterthought, no?

So, yes we should balance our budgets. But let's build in room to do some good around the world. And let's not forget that our troops will be needed again. I don't know where or when. All I do know is that they WILL be needed again.


Blogger bertie said...

Stop funding the thousands of special interest groups.Stop sending money to nations to buy food for their starving populations,send volunteers and bring food and hand it out to make sure these poor people get it and not the black market & enemy soldiers.Get out of the bilingual business and save several billion a year..Quit funding GREEN scam projects.Cut the provincial and federal public service by at least 25% & start at the top with the cuts...Just a few of ways we could save money in this country.Any other ideas????

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read an article from Paul Sullivan of the UofT campus as a Prof., he had the nerve to spew his "Conspiracy" crap in the METRO paper on Friday where he actually endorsed the theory that Bush and Chretien used NORAD to send in Drones ladened with bombs to attack the 4 targets. This is someone that gets paid from Tax dollars to brain wash our youth that Muslims had noting to do with 9/11. But Sullivan appears to be too stupid to ask :"Where are the 4 plane loads of passengers" , and why would Insurance Companies pay out claims for non-dead people or non-damaged Planes???
The STAR posted retorts for Harper's opining on Islamists and the Jihad threat but the STAR allowed hate speech from a Muslims that mis-quoted Harper to infer harper said that Muslims and Islam are the evil threats.

How can our schools pump out so many morons that freely drink the Leftists Kool-ADE to buy into Liberalism crap that gets repeated on the CBC and then accepted as Fact. Maher Arar was NOT deported to Syria,but don't tell the CBC that because they never once got the FACTS from the same Inquiry i watched that proved that Arar fled Canada for Tunisia and then tried to sneak into the USA at JFK Aiport and was caught. Arar was not allowed back to Tunisia and thus...only JORDAN would have him back to meet his Palestinian/Sharai Law/ pro-hamas wife to return to canada.
CAIR-canada and CAIR-USA ar now linked to HAMAS funding and this exposes the farce where CAIR's Sheema Khan was a witness for Hamaer Arar to aid and abet his $400'000'000.00 Lawfare Suit for what he said that JORDAN did to him. Arar has yet to show one piece of evidence that Syria cause his harm, Arar was to stand trial in a Military Court as a Draft-Dodger that fled to canada as a refugee via his Parents coming her before he turned 19.
We were screwed out of $10.4 million and now i want the RCMP and CRA to call in Sheema khan to explain her ties to Hamas and Hisballah funing post-2007 FBI Trial to tie CAIR to Terrorism support.
CAIR had coashed Maher Arar to NOT help canada expose the 3 terror cell that included the Toronto-18 Terrorists now in jail and do admit to it.
I got a laugh when MPP Horwath was pictured in the Moderate muslim Mosque with her Shariah Law head covering to respect Allah, the NDP hates God and even Layton mocked Religion by his fairy Tale Service at Roy Thompson Hall full of wealthy white folks and gay clergy and cops to carry the casket.

7:58 PM  

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