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Friday, November 11, 2011

Guess what CBC did for Remembrance Day???

Yesterday, I was listening to Q with Jian Ghomeshi - always a dangerous thing when driving - and just what did he do one day before Remembrance Day? He actually had that crackpot Robert Fisk [an extremely anti-Israel journalist with the Independent in the UK] on for a segment on why people should not wear the poppy.

I guess they want to show us how 'cool' they are - and sort of give us permission not to wear poppies. The gall. The chutzpah!

Too late to add to our documentary, "This Hour Could Have 10,000 Minutes: The Biases of the CBC". But, it will highlight our second film.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


If Canada had elected a legitimate, small-c fiscal conservative Prime Minister, and a Heritage minister who didn’t consistently succumb to the far left, they would eradicate the state broadcaster, rather than increase CBC’s funding by $60 million ( a 6% increase) in the 2010/11 budget. The $1.1 billion a year grant of a total budget of $1.7 billion is an embarrassment and humiliation, since in reality, the state broadcaster,with its far left agenda, is nothing less than the NDP’s “Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propagana.” Why is a so called “conservative” PM willing to fund our State Broadcaster, one of the highest governament funded state broadcaster per capita in the world, especially when there is absolutely no need for it to exist at all, especially when we have a $30 billion deficit and a $580 billion debt.

For the unaccountable state broadcaster that refuses to open their books to the people who pay for and who continues to promote a socialistic entitlement culture, informing the public pursuant to both sides of a story means giving a hyped-up version of the NDP’s talking points. CBC, Canada’s pro Khadr network that detest Canadian troops, frequently gives the impression of publishing NDP news releases verbatim, but seems to apportion a great deal of time to scrutinize, research, censure, and criticize Conservative statements.

Now that Canada has numerous television and radio networks, satellite networks, and the internet producing and broadcasting Canadian content, there is no longer any necessity for a state broadcaster; especially one scripted by left-wing affirmative action bimbos/minorities, and watched to mostly by the far-left, but paid for my people who actually work for a living and pay taxes.

One of the numerous rationales for the exceptionally low quality of the state broadcaster’s regularly error overflowing “news” is its policy of sacrificing excellence in order to promote its moronic left-wing NDP/CBC shared values propagandist agenda, plus its perceptible quota system of hiring recent immigrants even with their habitually sub- substandard journalistic credentials. The state broadcaster’s far left, extraordinarily over-paid bureaucrats consistently produce “factoids”—rhetoric pretending to be facts but, in reality, is merely Orwellian spin reprinted from the NDP’s talking points. These Cro-Magnon bureaucrats employed by the state’s broadcaster consistently delude the public, some times by intent and other times because they hire these semi-qualified, affirmative action government journalists. As opposed to producing quality, informative, balanced, unbiased journalism, the Canadian tax payers are over paying for the state broadcaster which has an immense creditability gap, is guilty of oversimplification and “dumping down” news, neglects to distinguish between opinion and comments, favors form over content, uncompromisingly encourages anti-Americanism, and has no public trust with anyone not on the radical left!

If Harper was a genuine small-c conservative, with the political will of a conservative, he would immediately eradicate this national embarrassment, that is so left-wing that the middle of the road is a different time zone, to a private pay for view station that wouldn't be a black-eye on the journalism profession, sell the complete far-left bias Khadr hugging state broadcaster, or simply shut down, by defunding it by at least 10% annually for ten years, this radical left bimbo/minority ran degradation to humanity.


8:35 AM  
Blogger Pissedoff said...

Actually I would make that genuine conservative, whereas he is a liberal in blue. Probably agrees with everything the CBC says about conservatives]

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01 where 24 candians were slaughtered by 19 muslims, the CBC ran a special about the on going Inside-Job conspiracy for Bush and NORAD drones that replaced the passenger planes and were ladened with bombs that struck the WTC towers thart were already wired to implode on cue.

The CBC does not realize that if they suport the NORAD theory, it means that jean Chretien had to have been in on it too because NORAD is a CAN/USA venture for Security and the Chyenne Mountain based is staffed with American and canadian workers in teams to work together.

It's bad enough the CBC allows guests to call out troops War-criminals , but now the CBC spits on our Vets over the Poppy issue as Susan G Cole now does with her White-Poppy protest to WW2 where the Nazi's would have put this lesbian/jew in a death camp in a heartbeat even as a leftists and quasi-communist .
Also...the CBC covers the insane ranting of the Leftists to arrest George Bush when he step on candian soil this year for alleged War-crimes, yet....the CBC has a DVD of Trudeau's funeral where Fidel Castro attended and not one protester or call for his arrest.
Castro had jailed homosexuals with AIDS to let them rot in a faux-Hospital that had armed guards and bars on the windows, Cuba wanted to keep the gays away from candian Tourists like the CUPE Unuion workers that vacationed there with OUR tax dollars and still do....they come home and then bitch about Omar Khadr being oppressed when they didn't say a word about jailed gays as they layed back on the sunny beaches. GITMO is owned by Cuba and leased to the USA which make Cuba Complicit in the alleged Torture t othe little terrorist thug Omar.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that it'll nmatter to you guys, but the Fisk interview was rescheduled from an earlier date.

And furthermore, nobody HAS to wear a poppy. I would include it in the bundle of rights those soldiers were supposedly protecting.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like a whiney little tattle tale kid who has nothing. I found the remembrance day segment interesting, and definitely support the idea that war should not be glorified. Bottom line is if soldiers died for our freedom , part of that freedom is to speak freely, and the state broadcaster should represent a host of varying opinions. It's funny how you don't mention that they actually covered the remembrance day ceremony in downtown Ottawa,with full reverence for the occasion. You just want a state broadcaster that exclusively echoes your twisted world view and no one else's, CBC has plenty of conservative coverage, you just can't handle that it also has other opinions presented. Get a grip.

1:32 AM  

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