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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bruce Bawer Reviews our CBC Documentary!

Acclaimed author Bruce Bawer reviews our documentary on the CBC: This Hour Could Have 10,000 Minutes: The Biases of the CBC.
Cohen and Litwin don’t just take on CBC’s news programs. On the CBC, as they tell us (and show us), “even the game shows have a political bias.” On one such show, for example, contestants are asked: “Which city in Palestine is recognized to be a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Jews and Muslims?” Answer: Jerusalem.

Needless to say, a major staple of CBC programming is reflexive anti-Americanism. The CBC regularly provides a forum to people who argue that Islamic violence is the fault of American foreign policy. Republicans get especially disrespectful treatment: in one clip, CBC columnist Heather Mallick makes snide personal remarks about John McCain and calls Sarah Palin a “porn actress” type who appeals to “the white trash vote.”

The CBC is, of course, also hostile to Canada’s own Conservative Party. The documentary showcases a shameless piece of trickery by the network, in which a clip of Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper is taken out of context to make it look as if he’s putting down Canada’s Muslim community. After showing us the CBC version of Harper’s statement, Cohen and Litwin present us with the uncut version, which makes it clear that Harper was making a respectful comment about both Jews and Muslims. On this occasion, too, the CBC was forced to apologize.

The CBC bias against the Conservatives manifests itself on all kinds of shows and in all kinds of ways. In one clip, a weather girl makes snide remarks about Conservative policy. On a comedy show, an actor imitating Harper wishes viewers “a happy gun-toting, anti-abortion, heterosexual new year.” Another “comedy” program actually includes a sketch in which the actors shoot at Harper and George W. Bush. Skits mocking the left are few and far between.

We see a CBC interviewer giving Michael Moore a royal welcome, hailing him as a “right-wing bogeyman” and praising his “memorable Oscar acceptance speech.” (Moore repays the compliment, calling the CBC “a national treasure.”) By contrast, when Ayaan Hirsi Ali expresses her love of America in an interview with Avi Lewis, he laughs at her with breathtaking condescension and accuses her of embracing pro-American clichés. (She responds smoothly: “You grew up in freedom and you can spit on freedom.”)
Please read the whole thing.

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Anonymous @KarynFAQMP said...

Thanks for posting this review. I was curious to find more detail about the the documentary. I heard so much about it, but not at this level of detail. The review should be helpful in promoting it. I am wondering if there is a clip or promo of your doc online somewhere? I googled it but came up empty.

12:14 PM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

You can see a clip here:

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If Canada had elected a legitimate, small-c fiscal conservative Prime Minister who didn’t consistently succumb to the left, he would amend The Broadcasting Act, thereby eradicating the government broadcaster that non-socialists Canadians do not trust to present the news equitably or impartially. It is a prejudiced, anti-American, pro-feminist pro-gay mortification to any Canadian who is not a far-left liberal.

The $1.16 billion a year CBC grant is an embarrassment and humiliation that fails to reflect the social consensus of the majority of Canadians, but promulgates the talking points of the far left. For the unaccountable state broadcaster, informing the public means giving a hyped-up version of the NDP’s talking points, but to apportion hours scrutinizing, criticizing any conservative policy. As one pundit says, “If the press continues to slobber all over…” the NDP, the CBC “will have to get a hotel room.”

Now that Canada has 4 national television networks plus regional networks, privately owned independent stations, and provincial stations as well as specialty and pay for view channels all in both French and English, satellite networks, thousands of radio stations and the internet producing Canadian content, the 1991 Canadian Broadcast Act should be re-written to eliminate the state broadcaster. The state broadcaster is scripted by left-wingers and watched mostly by the far-left, but paid for my people who actually work for a living and pay taxes.

One of the numerous rationales for the exceptionally low quality of the state broadcaster’s regularly error overflowing “news” is its policy of sacrificing excellence in order to promote its crypto-communists propagandist agenda. The state broadcaster also adopted a quota system that desecrates tax dollars on an affirmative action hiring program for immigrants even with their habitually sub-substandard journalistic credentials.

The state broadcaster’s far left, vastly over-paid (as much as one-third more than private sector broadcasters) bureaucrats consistently produce “factoids”—rhetoric pretending to be facts but, in reality, are Orwellian spin reprinted from the NDP’s talking points. Even leftist media expert Mary Vipond agrees when she says: “The CBC is also highly unionized, which increases its costs and decreases its flexibility”. These Cro-Magnon bureaucrats consistently delude the public, some times by intent and other times because they hire these semi-qualified, affirmative action government purported “journalists”.

As opposed to producing quality, informative, balanced, unbiased journalism, the Canadian tax payers are paying for a state broadcaster, with an extra large bureaucracy, that has an immense creditability gap, is guilty of oversimplification and, neglecting to distinguish between opinion and comments, favoring form over content and, uncompromisingly encouraging anti-Americanism. In summary, the state broadcaster has no public confidence with anyone who is not on the radical left!

If Harper was a legitimate small-c fiscal/social conservative he would amend The Broadcasting Act to eliminate the state broadcaster, sell it, or change it into a pay for view network. Also, to fight the deficit, he would entirely eliminate the Canada Media Fund.


12:34 PM  
Blogger Patsplace said...

racp,eg...what machiavelli said!!

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Jen said...

G R. I was unable to get that show on the tube.
Is there another way of accesing to that show.

6:24 PM  
Blogger L. Wayne Mathison said...

I bought a copy today, can hardly wait to see it.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Polardiscoball said...

Let me get this straight you are "$elling" this doc? Way to get your message out there to as many poeple as possible, snicker.

6:57 AM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

Yes, we are selling this documentary. The Free Thinking Film Society is a not-for-profit organization and we pay no salaries to anybody. So, we need to raise money to continue our programs. This documentary will help finance our upcoming 3rd Annual Free Thinking Film Festival which will be held in Ottawa from November 2-4th, 2012.

2:12 PM  

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