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Sunday, April 01, 2012

My take on the CBC....

I did a 90 second blurb on the CBC for the Toronto Star.

Here is is...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you have always been fair with allowing me to opine on gay issues, i will add to your comment by saying that the CBC is very bias for both positive and negative templates.
For example, they keep embracing the pro-Shariah Imam that support the homophobic/misogynistic/pedohilie-friendly stances for Gaza,Saudi Arabia and Iran where old men marry little girls like chattle , and muslims freely murder gays in public with not one word from Sid Ryan's CUPE or his new CFL . The CBC loves to get the Bearded man in a robe with an accent and yellow teeth because it's the true example of a Imam.
As for the CBC's perceptions for homosexuals, they usually find the most flambouyant "Victim" that agrees with the male nudity in the PRIDE parade right in front of children as the PRIDE Police stand by a imply this is part of the gay culture to accept a Quasi-pedophilia preference by the TNT males. The CBC then uses a Feminist that is so hate-filled for all men that she will not demouce Honour-Killings by Muslim males as linked to islam and the quran, so, they group the islamic crisis as " Domestic-Violence" just like the 1989 Jihad by gamil Gharabi when he murdered 14 female students for allah according to his suicide letter.
The CBC has gooten to the point where it feels it is their job to Make the News instead of Reporting the story for us to absorb and see the truth. They even continue to give air-time to 9/11 Consipracy nuts that claim that Chretien and Bush used NORAD to fly drones into the Towers and slaughter 24 canadian among the 3000 victims.
Just this last year we have seen several pedophile Imams get arrested and the CBC struggles to paint the muslim as the Victim and that the children assaulted may not be trusted to tell the truth or misunderstood the Imam.
What I do find to be a bit racist is when the French CBC runs the exact Commercial for a produce and it is tailored for the White/Catholic/enlightened race in Quebec by avoiding using non-whites , or has a older man with the good looking young wife or partner.
You are right though, the CBC has been detached from reality since the 1980's and the proof isi n the "Little Mosque On The Prairie" that has yet to do a episode on the Honour killings or Toronto-18 terrorist. Meanwhile, there ahve been 18'500 plus terrorism acts by muslim since 9/11 and it killed mostly other muslims as the CBC tell us that islam=peace.
The anti-gay and anti-Israel ground-Zero Mosque Imam Rauf is coming to Toronto at the Hyatt Hotel right near the Israeli Consulate to spew his hate about Islamophobia , CAIR canada is the sponsor and they are tied to Hamas
which endorses murdering gays.
Why the hell is canada letting this islamic-supremacy thug in the country to promote murdering jews and gays, and why is he denying that his muslim brothers murdered 24 canadians on 9/11 while he now wants to call us islamophobes for getting upset.

The CBC WILL NOT expose this guy because they used Sheema Khan from CAIR as the Moderate voice of islam. The Park Hyatt is at risk for a Terrorism bombing to do damage to the near by israeli Consulate.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was excellent. Sure a surprise hearing that the Star hosted your vid.
Unfortunately noses are seem so high at the CBC they'll mostly continue to ignore such commentary and continue with their self pleasing pablum.

A great Canadian reporter, Dr. Foth often called them HPP's or higher purpose people. Stiflingly tiresome.

2:25 PM  
Blogger to the radio said...

Please anonymous, the correct way to use the word bias in this instance is biased.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Jeremy Swanson said...

Superb Fred. Always excellent in your analysis. That presentation was one of your best. Of course its relatively easy when all you have to do is tell the truth eh?

2:36 AM  

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