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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I Sleep in Hitler's Room

Part of the 3rd Annual Free Thinking Film Festival 2012

I Sleep in Hitler's Room:
An American Jew Visits Germany

I am proud to announce that Tuvia Tenenbom will be at our Festival to talk about his book, "I Sleep In Hitler's Room."  Tenenbom, a son of a Holocaust survivor, travels throughout Germany talking to a wide range of people, and finds that their crushing awareness of their dark history coexists with virulent anti-semitism and a stubborn obsession with Israel.

November 4, 2012, 5:00 PM
Library & Archives Canada
395 Wellington, Ottawa

Admission:  $12 or with Festival Pass.
"a stunner!"

"An alarming account of anti-Semitism in Germany."

"Tuvia Tenenbom comes off as a Jewish Hunter S Thompson, describing cringing encounters in Germany that strip away the veneer of sanity from his subjects . . . Every encounter with an interview subject is an experimental drama, redolent sometimes of Pinter or Beckett, more often of Brecht or the Marx Brothers . . . To understand Germans, one has to learn their language and live with them - or read Tenenbom's book."
     Asia Times

"Hugely entertaining -- terribly funny, sarcastic, powerful . . . A tremendous book."     
      National Review

"It's a book in a category all its own--deeply sobering, depressing even, in its observations of the darker side of Germany, yet at the same time so chatty and engaging and laugh-out-loud funny that it's hard to put down. Tenenbom is an acute observer of his fellowman, but also a born entertainer, a comedian, who approaches his interview subjects--of whom there are dozens, ranging from leading political and cultural figures to folks he runs into on the street--as a combination inquisitor and tummler . . . A stunning account . . . Tenenbom is brilliant." -
     PJ Media

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