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Friday, May 19, 2006

Iran set to label Jews and Christians....

Jews to wear yellow, and Christians to wear red. But, here's what is going to destroy the Iranian regime.
One aim of the new law is to impose a total ban on imports of clothes and dress designs from the West. The Majlis hopes that all jeans will disappear from the Iranian scene within five years. The boutiques selling haute couture Western gear for men and women will also be closed over the next few years. A total ban on designer items, marked by logos, will come into force by the end of the year.

"There is no sense in a Muslim man or woman wearing something that is, in fact, an advertisement for an infidel designer or clothing merchant," says Pourharandi.
No jeans? Boy, will that heat up the black market. I remember many years ago being on the trans-Siberian express and the Russians on board were just interested in one thing - Levy Jeans.


Blogger Somena Woman said...

The National Post has deep-sixed this story from it's online site now, and the latest update coming to you from CP Wire Service....

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper was quick to condemn Iran on Friday for an anti-Semitic law that appears not to exist." -- OTTAWA (CP) - Alexander Panetta


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