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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Anti-Jewish Regulations in Nice...

Hard to believe..but then this is France....
A French newspaper has revealed that a WWII regulation barring Jews from becoming tenants is still in force in the southern city of Nice.

According to the local daily Nice Matin some 1,000 apartment buildings in the Mediterranean coastal city have maintained the decades-old municipal regulation which was put in place by the Vichy government during World War II, when parts of France were cooperating and collaborating with the Nazis.

Jews who want to acquire an apartment have to pay an additional amount of 900 to 7,000 euros in order to bypass the law which is still in effect.

The regulation says that in order to acquire an apartment any person must declare “being a French citizen” and “not being Jewish” or “not being married to a Jewish woman”.

“The Nice city council is still applying the Vichy regulation,” the newspaper said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, next thing that will happen is that the French government will regulate the type of swimwear men and boys must wear in public swimming pools. Actually, that regulation is already in place. If it's tight, it's right. If it's loose, it's wrong. The official reason is for cleanliness in the pool--i.e. less dirt and microscopic germs. The unofficial reason is for "cleanliness" in the pool--i.e. it keeps out those men and boys who practice a religion that requires a lot of modesty.

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