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Friday, November 30, 2007

Personal Wind Turbines - Not a Good Idea...

A lot of so-called environmental solutions are just bunk...
Researchers say wind turbines on the sides of houses often cause more pollution than they prevent.

Government advisers believe the environmental cost of making, transporting and installing domestic turbines usually outweighs their benefits in built-up areas.

Wind speeds in towns and cities are simply too low to produce enough energy to justify their installation.

It is the latest finding to show how apparently "green" lifestyles can be less environmentally friendly than they seem.

Earlier this year, scientists warned that wormeries - the trendy composting bins which use worms to break down food scraps - release high levels of nitrous oxide, one of the most potent greenhouse gases.

And six months ago the Government quietly shelved its campaign for 'real nappies' after research showed the washing and laundering of cloth nappies meant they were as bad for the environment as disposables.

The latest finding comes from the Building Research Establishment Trust, which advises the Government and the private sector on energy efficiency.

It took data from three sites in Manchester, Portsmouth and Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands, to work out how three popular models of domestic turbines would perform.

Researchers compared the green energy they produced with the conventional energy used in their manufacture, distribution and maintenance.

The amount of electricity generated varied hugely - and was far lower in cities and towns, the study found. In Manchester, two-thirds of the 96 locations studied were not windy enough to recoup the energy used in making the turbines.


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