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Friday, April 24, 2009

Pakistan on the brink?

I just Obama understands how serious this situation is...
The Taliban, backed by al-Qaeda, are now established in a district that straddles two crucial targets.

Just 50 kilometres southeast of Buner lies the Tarbela Dam, the largest earth-filled dam in the world. It provides central Pakistan with most of its electricity and the country's farmers with most of their water.

Thirty kilometres further on lies the Wah Cantonment, an army ordinance complex that produces almost all of Pakistan's weapons and military supplies – including nuclear weapons – in a collection of 14 massive factories that employ up to 40,000 people.

According to some reports, Wah is the chief storage and maintenance site for Pakistan's nuclear weapons arsenal and it may also house a uranium enrichment plant that was built in the 1990s with assistance from China.

In addition to menacing Pakistan's capital, the Taliban and al-Qaeda can now spread out into the seven other districts surrounding Buner and threaten to destabilize Pakistan's economy, while continuing their quest to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

On Friday, Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he was "extremely concerned" by the Taliban's recent advances in Pakistan.

"We're certainly moving closer to the tipping point," where Pakistan could be overtaken by Islamic extremists, he said.

"The situation there is definitely worse than it was two weeks ago," he added. "It just continues to spin off."

Two days earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, blasted the Pakistani government for "abdicating" to the Taliban, saying Pakistan now presents "a mortal threat" to the rest of the world.

"[We] cannot underscore the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan by the continuing advances, now within hours of Islamabad, that are being made by a loosely confederated group of terrorists and others who are seeking the overthrow of the Pakistani state," she said.
It appears that Hillary Clinton gets it....but what is she going to do????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has come down very quickly and it is very serious. MSM are not paying much attention as far as I can tell. Still, the bigger question is what is to be done? Probably not much to save Pakistan, but I think that once the Taliban have access to nuclear weapons (in about two weeks?) there will be a seismic shift in political posturing. Many, many politically correct Western democracies are about to be given a wake-up call. LS

1:24 AM  

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