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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Conrad Black Nails It Again

Conrad knows why the Conservatives lost.
 Harper salvaged and reconstructed a coherent political option and built it through four elections, but could not renovate a tired government and chose not to make way for someone who would. He decreed an over-long campaign, and then offered no incentive to vote for his government’s re-election except excessive denigration of his opponents and a dismal series of distractions about a woman wearing a niqab at a citizenship swearing-in after identifying herself privately to authorities; hypothetical dual-citizen terrorists; and protecting the country from the spectre of “400,000 Syrian refugees,” arriving by an as yet unimagined method of inter-continental travel.
The whole reelection campaign of what was a generally successful government was a pastiche of contemptible low-balling and fear-mongering. Stephen Lewis’s statement on election night that he was proud that Canadians had not approved such a campaign and such a high-handed government, even though his party was not the beneficiary of its failure, resonated. It was an undignified and self-inflicted end that combined elements of hubris and nemesis both with the merely banal and with Harper’s heroic faith.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black? You're kidding right? Its funny Black didn't mention the Media's role in facilitating Justine Trudopes successful hate campaign, which I see still continues with Blacks latest attack. No mention of George Soros, no mention of Obamas gangster campaigners, no mention of corrupt public sector unions and their involvement, I guess Black is unaware of these facts, I guess Black is also unaware of the fact that the foreigner demanding Sharia Law in Canada is a radical Muzzie activist, oh well, I guess its easier to pretend it was all Stephen Harpers fault. Black can now take solace in the fact that he and his corrupt Media comrades helped pave the way for a complete idiot surrounded by one radical after another into the PMO. Glad I don't read the NP.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did the new Liberal party promise Conrad Black for his rants against the Conservatives and PM Harper. Everyone knows he doesn't do anything for nothing unless there is some payoff in it for himself. Shouldn't Black settle down...his excitement isn't shared by honest Canadians.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the Conservative HQ were faced with the "hidden agenda" attacks they seemed to perform exceptionally in elections. Once Conservative HQ no longer had to bend over backwards to make sure no one seriously thought they had a hidden agenda things started spinning out of control. Then it became about targeting the 'enemy': corrupt unions, sharia law, niqabs, radical Muslims ... all the stuff that the wackos love but that ordinary Canadians get turned off by. If HQ had stuck to the economy and the risk of change at this particular moment I think re-election was very possible. There's not enough angry wackos in Canada to win even a minority government.

9:29 PM  
Blogger tmodem said...

Anon, I believe that Black is correct and also that you are correct! It was a terrible campaign. I sent many emails to them, basically saying "What are you doing"? and no doubt Trudeau was kept on a short leash and spoonfed pablum by the Media. It was a perfect storm against the Conservatives. Bad Campaign, Selfie Generation, and a full out Leftist assault. There is no way we could have prevailed. I'm actually very fearful for the future of Conservatism.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Liberal" world, or is it "progressive' world, either way isn't it funny how in "Liberal" world everything is upside down or the opposite of the truth...? For instance when a radical unaccountable Judge orders the Government and people of Canada to accept wahabist style Sharia Law, the Judges decree immediately becomes "Harpers" fault and its indeed the Conservatives that are playing identity politics, not the Judge, not the Media, not the "Liberals and not the complainant. A "Liberal" or "progressive" action becomes a cynical Conservative ploy. What about when public sector unions who are supposed to remain neutral become political attack machines against the Conservative Party and the PM using vast unknown amounts of "union dues" to unduly, secretly and unfairly influence an election? Well thats the Conservatives fault too... see how that works? Its like magic, or something. Its important to remember that to "Liberals" there's no such thing as reality, just the end justifying the means. To quote the Media, its all Harpers fault. Good Governance be damned, its time for "change", "hope@change"... why? Because the Media and the "Liberals" say so, thats why. Higher deficits, higher taxes and UN decreed "green schemes", or you know, "change". I say the Media and the "Liberals" actions, no matter what they be, should always be blamed on "Harper" and the Conservatives. See how that works? Its evil, but its effective.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding...DOPE won the election for Trudeau...the media doing his dirty work for him , so he would look like he didn't do attack ads...bussing campaign workers to rally's to make Trudeau look popular...The Obama message from Hallmark Cards and low info voters sapped it up. Brains mean nothing anymore when the likes of Trudeau can step up and end up Prime Minister because all the dopers came off their couches to vote for him. Good luck Canada...your screwed.

7:17 AM  
Blogger lungta said...

I'm kinda looking forward to science, history and census being the dictates of Canadian policy
rather than the thinly veiled alliance church dogma being brought in as law
harper was defeated because his hidden agenda
was so offensive and open in the end
12 hours after duffys trial is over expect the man to slink away forever
economic record? mean the worst one since the 30s?

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The judge didn't decide in favour of sharia law. The judge decided that the change the Conservatives wanted to make required changing the legislation. That's it. But some Conservatives have a knee jerk reaction to blaming everyone else for their failures, particularly the courts and the media. Those angry attacks at everyone else were part of the reason for the government's defeat.

1:40 PM  
Blogger ward said...

Mr Black rather unfortunately would rather see canada flushed down the toilet in retribution for Harper revoking his position on the Privy Council rather than support Harper.

Funny thing is he is now siding with the media who used the same campaign of here against him as they now did Harper.

12:16 AM  

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