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Friday, September 04, 2015

Ottawa Jewish Bulletin article on Conservative Confidential...

Nice article today in the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin...

Don't forget to check out the pictures that go with the book on my website and the blurbs that describe Conservative Confidential.


Blogger Lorne Russell said...

I got the Kindle version yesterday and finished it this morning. Thoroughly enjoyable. The post script delivers a good summation of files Harper has allowed to languish:

"Other files just languish. Even files that are “conservative” in nature are ignored. You’d think the Conservatives would get rid of supply management , but it was a Liberal, Martha Hall Findlay, who actually made the first serious proposals for change. And there were many other issues they ignored: They wouldn’t simplify our taxes and eliminate corporate welfare. They wouldn’t fix the broken family law system and end blatant discrimination against fathers. They seemed unable to sign any new treaties with aboriginal people, or make any headway on the deeply dysfunctional aboriginal affairs file. They let the Senate dangle and the House of Commons sink further into irrelevance. Private experimentation in health care was out. They couldn’t care less about the shape of Canada’s capital city. Equalization couldn’t even be mentioned. Bilingualism was off-limits, along with any discussion of moving back towards the merit principle in hiring. The Harper Conservatives were actually quite timid. One might even say arrogantly timid."

Good stuff. Thanks for writing this entertaining and informative book.

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