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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Why The Tories Deserved to Lose....

Here is my appearance this week on NewsTalk 770 in Calgary talking about why the Tories deserved to lose.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Fred

The title of your post tells me all I need to know. That you are not particularly conservative, and do not understand what just occurred. The Conservatives may have lost, but they most certainly did not deserve to.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was their timidly to explain and defend free markets and free trade.
Explain why unions harm themselves and others through demanding pay instead of allowing competition in or grow to increase desirability of their skills. That increases wages and benefits without strikes that scare investors away.

Everybody wins when you grow the pie. Instead they want to be the big shots with the jobs. Like public sector unions which shouldn't even exist and are antidemocratic by putting their job security ahead of whats best for the country.

I disagree with the whole Sikh victim mentality. People should have thicker skin when it comes to preserving liberty. If that Sikh then went on to live a successful life, because of living under a freer market than what we would of had under any of the options to replace the Conservatives, then he could easily disregard any negative vibes real or perceived.

This should be a basic concept that anyone should understand, economic liberty is the precursor to social liberty. It's a universal principle. Even the perceived down falls of social liberty are eventually self correcting.

Where as social liberals like to cram SJW nonsense down everyone's throat only to browbeat everyone into a guilt trips, rather than improving ones confidence to make the of what they are dealt. So the very victims overcome the obstacles instead of wallow in them as a means to attract sympathy.

By they way, not all Sikhs are going to lean socially libertarian. Like anyone.
Perhaps that was what the guy was referring to, since he brought it up in the context of Muslims.
Who needless to say, are the very least libertarian about most things if they are free to be at all. They are inherently anti-pluralistic and incompatible with western civilization. A muslim alone is not the issue, its when they cross population thresholds that increasingly make them freer to be intolerant. Quit making excuses for them as I noticed you book tries to redirect the conversation away from the Qur'an and targets the convenient phrase of "islamism". Your completely ignorant of one of their major tenants about advancing through stealth jihad.

BTW fiscal conservatives have been marginalized greater than both those religions.
That Sikh has no idea what I've had to do to keep my politics secret from getting my head pounded in by union thugs. Couldn't even bring it up indirectly without raising the heat in the room. I'm sure westernized muslims know what that's like with other kinds of Muslims.

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In 2011, the CPC got 0.15% MORE of the popular vote than the Liberals got in this election. Which won them a total of 184 seats compared to the 166 the CPC in 2011.

Mike Harris considered timidly arrogant, or an elitist from the left's perspective.

Even though his support was grass roots. He didn't try to come off as your friend.

Mike Harris defended economic freedom. That is the difference. He didn't put socon values ahead of economics. Kept that stuff private.

No one cares if your likable just get the job done. He one two majorities.

I liked Mike Harris but his name was turned into poison by the left for cuts he had handed down to him by then finance minister Paul Martin. Who heavily cut transfers to the provinces. Martin got all the credit while the provinces that cut and not absorbed it as debt got the blame. Even though Ontario was in no position to do thanks to Bob Rae and co.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They are inherently anti-pluralistic and incompatible with western civilization"

Correction, "The Qur'an is inherently".

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on everyone...Trudeau got elected by the pot smokers and media(CBC $150 MILLION MORE CASH above the 1.1 BILLION) and the STOP HARPER gang of unions and NATIVES so they can keep their Million Dollar chiefs. Anyone who thinks differently is lying.

6:33 PM  

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