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Friday, March 25, 2005

Do Canadians Know Their History?

The latest issue of the Western Standard (April4, 2005) has a good article on how history is disappearing from the curriculum of schools in Canada. In Manitoba, High School students only have to complete three social science courses to graduate; in Ontario, only one.

We all like to make fun of how little the Americans know about Canada (just watch Rick Mercer), but our own knowledge of Canada is pretty scant. The Dominion Institute found that nearly half of Canadians think D-Day marks the bombing of Pearl Harbour, and only 54% could name the first Canadian prime minister.

But, how about a short test for all the Canadians who visit this blog. The article has a copy of a High School entrance exam from 1900 in Ontario. Get entrance exam. I have to admit I wouldn't do too well on this exam:

1. (a) Explain the leading features of the Feudal System.
(b) Give a short account of the its introduction and decline in England.

2. Write a short account of the following:--
(a) Conquest of Ireland,
(b) Spanish Armada,
(c) Declaration of Rights.

3. Relate the causes, most important events, and results of the Crimean War, and the Indian mutiny.

4. State the causes, leading events, and results of the troubles in Upper and Lower Canada in 1837-38.

5. Write explanatory notes on the following:--
(a) Act of Union, 1841,
(b) Rebellion Losses Act,
(c) Secularization of Clergy Reserves,
(d) Abolition of Seignorial Tenure.

6. Give the provisions of the following treaties:--
(a) Ashburton Treaty, 1842,
(b) Reciprocity Treaty, 1854.

7. Write notes on any three of the following:--
(a) Laval,
(b) Carleton,
(c) Brock,
(d) Sydenham,
(e) Elgin

And, marks were subtracted for spelling mistakes and for 'want of neatness.'