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Sunday, March 20, 2005

How Divorce Hammers Men

A great article in Saturday's National Post on how child support and alimony payments hits men hard. One man lost his business when his house was awarded to his wife - his christmas tree farm was set next to his house. "Even with his gross income of $325,000 per year down the tubes, Mr. Watson was ordered to pay his ex-wife $4,300 per month for a year and give her $56,000 of his pension plan, as well as lump sum of $25,000 for his stepson. The fact that his ex-wife had decided to end the marriage after finding her 'soul mate' apparently didn't sway the courts."

Another case in the article was about a Doctor who is paying 78% of his gross salary to his ex-wife. The court imputed an annual income that was higher than his real income - his wife now lives in a million dollar home with her boyfriend, while he lives in a 2-bedroom apartment.

The courts today are simply stacked against men, who are just viewed as walking wallets. One of my friends is currently going through a divorce, and his alimony and support payments are just making him poor. His ex-wife refuses to even look for a job. He finds it all very depressing.

Besides treating men like walking wallets, the realities of divorce court today means that many men lose touch with their kids. This is the real child abuse scandal.