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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

An Interesting Point on the Schiavo Case!

I've avoided commenting on the Terri Schiavo case until now. Finally, I have found an article that has some sense - on the Sanctity of Marriage. How many times have we heard conservatives in Canada and the US talk about the sanctity of marriage in regard to same-sex unions? Well, in this case, the sanctity of marriage doesn't count for much. Terri's husband has been insistent that he knows her wishes - and who is in a better position to know than he?
The reasons given by the Rick Santorums of the world for limiting marriage to men and women always stress that marriage is different, sacred, special. And that's true; it's unlike any other bond under the law. Most states agree, which is why in these invariably awful substituted-judgment cases, courts generally defer to the spouse—who is presumed to best know what the incapacitated patient would have wanted.
Read the whole thing.