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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Trashing Books on the Internet

A while ago, I posted a review of "The Anti-Chomsky Reader", edited by David Horowitz and Peter Collier. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who suspects that Chomsky is an intellectual fool.

I soon noticed that other people were trashing my review - and that is was clear that they hadn't read the book.Here's a story on Front Page Mag on the campaign to trash Chomsky's critics.
To those who posted positive comments on the book, I (and I’m sure the other authors) thank you, although it’s probable that at least some of our supporters didn’t read the book, either. (For example, a recent review from a South African reader fulminates against Chomsky for an entire page but says nothing about the book itself. Such is the nature of Amazon’s “Star Wars.”) And for those of you who read the book and disagreed with us, thank you for at least joining us in the spirit of open debate and free inquiry. But for those of you who basically…well, freaked out, for want of better words…I urge you: try to live up to your professed standards of honest scholarship and open-minded dialogue, and actually read the book.