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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

All worked up over a bake sale...

Many College Republican groups are having bake sales to show how ludicrous affirmative action is. Here's a student voice who's mighty upset.
Diversity takes hard work.

Ignoring race does not solve the problems of racism. Denial makes the problem worse. How can the public participate in a meaningful debate about minority rights if the invitation extended by the College Republicans is one of contempt?

Today, the UW College Republicans (UWCRs) will host an Affirmative Action Bake Sale on the HUB lawn. Last year they held the same sale, using the same tactics to humiliate minorities and confuse the issue of affirmative action. They pasted a schedule of prices -- based on race -- for their muffins and donuts.

Mind you, this was not a random schedule of prices -- a sign posted nearby read, "Baked goods: Whites -- $1; Blacks and other minorities--25 cents to 95 cents; doughnuts are available for 50 cents to everyone except Asian-Americans and whites."
This is not ignoring race - this is making it clear that we should not discriminate based on race - either positively or negatively.