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Thursday, April 21, 2005

An industry where men really earn less than women....

Do you think feminists will be demanding equal pay in this industry?
But it's not as if we as a society have achieved total pay equity. There is currently a gender-based wage gap of scandalous proportions in a multibillion-dollar industry, which (considering who she's married to) one might think Hillary Clinton would be more aware of. I refer here, of course, to the well-documented earnings differential between male and female members of the adult-film industry who, in many cases, perform identical,

The dirty little secret of the adult-film industry — one of them, anyway — is that male actors earn far less than their female counterparts for, in many cases and depending on the director, considerably more work. One male star, whose stature in the industry is such that he's had as many as five women working under him, reported earning just half of his costar's take for a recent feature that required him to portray a pizza-delivery man, a pool boy, and an errant traffic cop. Another male star, whose name and address were withheld at his request, says he typically earns between one quarter and one half of his female coworkers. (As if that weren't bad enough, the guy also claims that his employer forced him to work in a sexually charged, hostile atmosphere.) Where's the outrage over this particular glass ceiling, even if it looks more like a mirrored one? It's all well and good for Hillary Clinton to pay lip service to pay equity in traditional professions. But if she thinks the hard-working men in the adult-film industry are going to take this lying down she's got another thought coming.