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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Just the type of candidate we need...

If the Conservatives really want to make some headway in Ontario (and in other urban centres), then they might want to look closer at the candidacy of Keith Fountain in Ottawa-Centre.

I had coffee with Keith last week, and I was duly impressed. I like the fact that he is very much a libertarian. I think the Conservatives need more libertarian views, particularly to offset the 'social engineering' of the Liberals and NDP.

Keith is also for smaller, more efficient government...and his main priority is lower taxes.

And, he's got some terrific experience, having been posted to Pakistan, Poland, and Malaysia, and he helped open our embassy in Afghanistan (He is currently the Deputy Director for Afghanistan at Foreign Affairs).

Lastly, Keith also supports same-sex marriage. In fact, Keith is anxious to reach out to the gay community. I'm sure there are lots of gay people anxious for a serious alternative to the Liberals.

If you want to know more about Keith, please visit his web site, and read his blog.

I sure hope that Stephen Harper is paying attention.