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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon...

A nice first step, but all of these so-called 'refugees' should be resettled in Lebanon ASAP.
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon welcomed as a “first step” a government’s decision on Monday allowing Palestinians who are born in Lebanon to practice a limited number of jobs they were for 50 years excluded from.

In an official statement, Lebanon's Labor Minister Tarrad Hamadeh said: “From now on Palestinians born on Lebanese land and registered officially with the Lebanese Interior Ministry will be allowed to work in the jobs previously unavailable to them,” Lebanese English The Daily Star reported on Tuesday.

There are around 400,000 registered Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon, 90 percent of whom were born in Lebanon and will be eligible to work. Anyone aged 57 or younger will benefit from the work permit, Hamadeh indicated in a memorandum.
Unfortunately, the descendents of Palestinian refugees have been used as a tool - believing that one day they will be resettled in Israel.