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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Canadianization of Britain...

Are we infecting the world?
Last week, city council in the northern city of Hull sent staffers an e-mail telling them to stop using such words as "lady," "ethnic," "senior citizen," "love," "spastic" or "dyke" that might cause offence.

In Manchester, a hit-and-run victim was scolded by police for describing the driver as "fat." And the BBC spent much of the summer dithering over whether "terrorist" could be used to describe the 7/7 bombers.

"What has gone wrong is the Canadianization of Britain," says Professor Christie Davies, a sociologist at the University of Reading and author of The Mirth of Nations, an academic study of humour and censorship.

He means that Canadians, especially Torontonians, led the charge for political correctness at the expense of free speech, and now Britain is following suit. "I regarded Toronto almost as being in the old East Germany," he said.
Can this be our legacy to the world???


Blogger Maritime Liberal said...

Moving towards greater political correctness is a positive move in Britain as it benefits society. Our policies must benefit society as a whole and preventing the promotion of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance is good for society and promotes social harmony.

I see one fundamental problem with Speaker's Corner in addition to the fact that it openly allows such disgusting bigoted speeches to occur:

"because Speakers' Corner is not really about rational debate."

This is our problem. All debate MUST be rational. Humans are different than animals because we can act rational and in a civilized fashion. We must promote rational, constructive debate over this absurdity.

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