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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Male victims of spousal abuse get little help....

Finally, someone is trying to tackle this problem...of course, you have to sue to get anywhere.
A men's rights group claims the domestic violence system is skewed toward women.

Today, a lawsuit was filed in Sacramento court, claiming that male victims don't get the same help as female victims.

"I remember going to phone 911, saying get here now, I'm going to kill him!" said Ruth Woods.

They fought all the time, often over money. Things sometimes got violent.

"I do it. I do hit. I do slap," said Ruth.

"She reaches a point when she's angry, you look in her eyes, there's no one there," said Ruth’s husband, David Woods.

Ruth's longtime husband, David, says he's a former bouncer who didn't want to hit back.

"If I hit her, I could kill her," said David.

But David claims when he went to local agencies for help, for shelter, he got nowhere.

"I was told women are not the perpetrators, they are the victims," said David.

Now, a lawsuit has been filed, claiming that men are treated unfairly. According to the suit, state law even excludes male victims from domestic violence help. The health and safety code section will pay for things like housing, hotel rooms and counseling--but only for women and not men.

David insists he tried to get help from the group WEAVE--Women Escaping A Violent Environment--but was turned down.

"I was told no by weave four times," said David.


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