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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The source of Toronto's problems....

The source of Toronto's violence is the Jamaican community. Bruce Garvey of the National Post looks at Jamaica's 'born fi dead' culture.
What nobody is talking about, however, is where those involved in violent crimes are predominantly coming from. While we know that the vast majority of Toronto's killers and victims are black, our multicultural hyper-sensitivity forbids any further racial or national breakdown. But even with a lack of statistics to prove it on paper, it is widely -- if quietly -- acknowledged that a disproportionate number of criminals and victims hail from Jamaica.

To understand why that is, it helps to understand the place that they come from.

By early September, the Caribbean island --with roughly the same population as Toronto, had recorded 1,157 murders, almost all of them involving guns. It was the country's highest ever by that date, and well on track to top 1,500 by the end of the year, eclipsing last year's total of 1,469.

It's staggering. In June alone, just when Toronto was beginning its long, hot summer, there were 115 killings in Jamaica.
Shouldn't we be limiting immigration from Jamaica?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, you have a number of statistics that are relevant in Jamaica. However, this is not a reflection on what occurs in Toronto. As you stated, you have no proof on paper; maybe you need to get that proof before you attempt writing another article on Jamaican immigrants. Have you ever visited the Canadian High Commission in Jamaica? You probably should. My observation is that it is not that easy to get a visa. Therefore, limiting immigration to a greater exetent than it presently is, is only a selfish suggestion from a person who cannot truly appreciate the benefits of living in a country that is not Third World.

5:37 PM  
Blogger PARZIFAL ODINSON said...

I may dis agree with your lifestyle

But to be honest you are correct I live in one of the intigrated communitys and things are bad "violence".......

I think we should take a more intelligent approach to immigration....

Something like this.....How are they treating their own country??
Now after seeing that how do you think they will treat ours!!

Yes it IS that simple......

People love canada because of the lifestyle built by the majority European immigrants. PERIOD

And as a small add notice the more 3rd world immigrants, the more our country will reflect their 3rd world mentality.


9:34 PM  
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