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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The good news of global warming....

I don't believe global warming is human-induced. But, even so, aren't you ever surprised that we never hear about the good things that might happen because of global warming?
But most sinisterly, I fear that the drought apocalypse scenario fits into an environmental reporting paradigm that says it is the responsibility of journalists to cover up any doubts about the validity and meaning of global warming. The papers discussed above presented evidence that in many parts of the world -- the U.S. Midwest, India, parts of Africa -- some cataclysmic damage could occur if the rain/snow cycle changes significantly.

But likely not here.

Here we're going to get longer growing seasons and more rain; here, according to global warming scientists' own projections, our agricultural production should go up if the planet warms a reasonable amount.

However, reporters are told they can't say global warming will be good for anywhere or anything.


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