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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Men and airplane seats...

Qantas and Air New Zealand do not allow men to sit next to unaccompanied chilidren. Is Canada next?
Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro's judgment of all men by the worst example is a suitably juvenile tribute to her portfolio.

Her assumption that men, by definition, are potential child abusers is one she shares with (and for which she praises) our main domestic airlines, which ban men from sitting next to unaccompanied children.

In ensuring the safety of minors in their care, Qantas and Air New Zealand choose (as airlines are obliged to in all other matters) to err on the side of caution.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Pete's sake, how many pedophiles would molest a child on a plane anyway? And how could you even do it with the flight attendants and the other passengers around, if you were so inclined? I mean, I'm sure someone would notice if an unrelated man was forcing a child into the washrooms! Flight attendants do know which children are unattended. This is ludicrous.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Jim Pook said...

OK, so just what is the problem here?

As an adult male, the last thing I want when I'm paying $600 or so for a seat is to have someone's unattended whiney brat sitting next to me. Hogtie and gag them and put them in cargo where they belong.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Intellectual Pariah said...

I imagine they get cases of fondling now and then. Of course, there's also harm (of a more nebulous sort) in keeping kids in an all-female environment, which is what we tend to do, willy-nilly, through high rates of single parenting, the feminization of teaching, and increased viligence around sexual abuse.

I can understand the airlines' desire for a quiet life, but don't think they should go this far. Just have them pay attention to what's going on.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Warwick said...

It is offensive enough given the double standards in the protection of rights.

Worse yet is the fact that they made the man move instead of just putting the brat elsewhere.

I'd sue out of principle and force the human rights nazis to take a position. Either discrimination is bad both ways or they risk being seen as the hypocrites they are.

9:30 PM  

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