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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Murder hits a record in Jamaica...

There's no question that Jamaica is extremely violent. So, shouldn't we have fewer immigrants from Jamaica?
So much for an island paradise. Fueled largely by the drug trade and gang turf wars, Jamaica's murder rate has hit a record 1,482 for the year - with more than a month still to go until the end of 2005, officials said.

Thirty people were killed this week in this country of 2.7 million people, police said, bringing the total to 1,482 as of Thursday. In contrast, as of Thursday, there had been 476 homicides in New York City this year.

Jamaican officials blame the high homicide rate on the booming drug trade. The Caribbean island is a major conduit for Colombian cocaine being smuggled to the United States and also is a big producer of marijuana.


Blogger The Commentator said...

Someone asked me "shouldn't we be curbing immigration from Muslims until we figure out what the hell is going on? It's not racist just logical." We discussed balancing civil liberties and security and other issues; such as the reality that Canada is a nation of immigrants. For example, not all Muslims, which runs in the hundreds of millions on a large land mass on two continents, are Arabs. It just so happens that the majority of militant terrorists are Arabs. How do we effectively design a policy around that? We also mentioned the popular comparison of the Italian mafia. Would we be justified in deporting Italians? The answer probably lies in the fact that the Italian mob (like any mob of any culture) was disinterested in destroying Canada and political systems. They were/are profit seekers. So much for that arguement. It would take a great amount of skill and care to manage immigration during this time. Does Canada have the ability to take hard stances? Whether it's Jamaicans or Muslims?

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