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Monday, December 19, 2005

Like what?

If there hadn't been such an uproar when Mulroney wanted to buy those subs, this might not be a problem.
Prime Minister Paul Martin says the federal government will take the "necessary measures" to stop American submarines from passing through Canada's Arctic waters.

He offered no specifics but cast a wary glance at reports that at least one U.S. military submarine had recently patrolled the Arctic and likely passed through Canadian waters.
Isn't time for specifics?


Blogger USMale said...

I love it when my fellow knuckle-dragging gun-sucking Americans refer to Canadians as "our neighbors to the north". I lived in Toronto for 17 years. And I became, in fact, a Canadian citizen. But the notion that Canadians are "neighbors" (or "neighbours, of course) is merely geographical. Just as my Canadian friends love me despite my Americanity, I love them despite their Canadianity. Canada is just Europe in America's back yard. And we all know how much Europe loves America, with all the self-righteous dependant anger and envy of any teenager for its parent.

10:45 AM  

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